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Sunday, October 4, 2015
Oct 4th Highlights
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The Golf God’s thought it was imperative to give Birch Golf Course a little rain today to help get ready for our Member / Guest tournament next week.  But that didn’t stop 28 of us from enduring  a little rain during check in, then relishing a rain free front 9 but as soon as Mansfield yelled “what rain” the Gods  gave a steady bucket of rain for a couple of hole.  Tommy “eye” Watson said I’m not a “mudder” as he leaves the course and drives home to be with momma and a hot bowl of soup.   The rest of us tolerated it and continued on. 

The Mudders:  well, you all know Jimbomatic parents were “mudders’ so he shot the low gross of the day a 60, but did you know the Hardin brothers were also mudders?  They both shot the low net of the day in their flight with Mark shooting a net 52 and Jim a net 53. Both won first place gross in their flights, they also shot the low putts of the day Mark with 27 and Jim with 28 (well Chavez had 26 putts but Shannon forgot to give him his allowance and he didn’t have enough money at check in…hehehe). No, the Brothers aren’t done yet, Mark wins a closest to the pin on # 10.  Jim wins the long putt on # 9 making a 23’ 10” birdie putt to double dip getting a gross and net skin, he also got a net skin for his double pop par on # 6. How about Pat Kanczuzewski , with a name like  Jetski, the water didn’t bother him as he shot a net 54.  Murray “no nickname, up for suggestions” Oxman, also was able to shot under par net today, with a net 58.

The hottest playing in the Club continued to be on fire and even the Golf Gods could not put out his flame.  That’s right, I’m talking about Fermin Andres, who won 2nd gross today in the A flight and for the 3rd consecutive month we have another hole in one!  Fermin Andres spins it in on Hole # 8 to take down the Hole in one fund pot of $200, then escapes with an economical bar beer… he is no Dummy!!!  Fermin had a double double with cheese as his hole in one held up for a gross & net skin and his birdie on # 11 also gave him a gross and net skin.  Fermin wins Long Drive in the regular flight but Bob Lindner for the 2nd straight tournament said “I know you just turned 55 but I’m the big dog and you’re not taking my money in the senior flight “as Bobby beats him again by 5 yards!

Other winners:  Jason Bouzos wins a Closest to the pin on #2 for his 9’ 3” birdie which also gave him a double dip gross & net skin.  If Jason can figure out how to play the last 5 holes he would be dangerous….shooting 9 over on those holes.  Bob Lindner wins the last closest to on # 12 and a tie breaker 2nd net in A flight.  Conrad Caprez wins 3rd place low putts with 29 (Thanks Javy or Shannon?) Javier Chavez did win a gross skin for his chip in on # 16… Put that $ in your golf bag.  Larry Oliande double dips for his birdie on #7.  As does Mansfield on # 18.  Goldberg gets a net skin for his bird on #5 and wins 2nd net in the B Flight.  Ray Coats takes 2nd gross in B.  Grant Clarke wins first place net in the A flight but ever since he got his new car he is too good to hang out with the boys after golf… FYI Grant will not have the blow horn at the member guest tournament …only cuz once again he does want to associate with us and will not be there… Bastard !!   Paul “Birch Cup points” Hailey and Bob Lopez take down 2nd place gross/ net in the C Flight.

Talking about the Cup… Mark Hardin wins low net of the day and gets 2500 points to be the only player to move up every week and is now in 3rd place ( started at 18th )  better looking brother Jim ( now that mark’s stash is gone) picked up 1500 points to move into 7th place.  Pat Kanczuzewski is the big mover up 14 spots from 26th to 12th getting 1000 points today.  Dan Williams still stays in first and Fermin remains in 2nd, Mansfield drops to 4th.   Rounding out the top ten: Chavez 5th, Caprez 6th, Clarke 8th, O’Brien 9th and Watson 10th .

Ok, that should do it, we still have room for our member guest.  I have some more good news for everyone concerning Member Guest so stay tune …


Jimbomatic over and out.

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