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Sunday, April 30, 2017
Mile Square Highlights
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Mike Santuci continues to be the hottest player on the away courses this year.  Mike shot the Low Gross (75) winning First place in the A flight, his birdie on # 16 also held up for a gross skin and his 29 putts was good for a tie for 2nd place low putts.   Chris Sollom lead the club with 4 birds today but none of them held up for a skin.   Chris shot a 77 gross but his 67 net gave him a first-place net in the A flight and his closest to the pin on # 4 did hold up.   Jim Mansfield’s 78 gross gave him a 2nd place gross in the A flight and his 28 putt gave him a first-place low putts today.   Ed Flores wins the tie breaker with his par on the # 1 handicap as he takes 2nd place net (68) in the A flight.  His birdie on # 3 also held up for a gross skin.   Fermin Andres settles for 3rd gross (79) in the A Flight, he also tied for 2nd place for low putts with 29 and his bird on # 6 held up for a gross skin.   Bob Sykes rounds out the A flight winning 3rd net with his 70.   Keith Medina was on the “Medoza line” not finishing in the $ but his birdie on # 15 was good for a double deluxe winning him a gross & net skin.  Other winning in the A flight were Jamie Lockhart for his long putt on # 9, 15’ 5” equals $15 cash.  Clinton cox $15 for his 29 putts tied for 2nd place.   Javier Chavez & Mark Hardin both got a Gross skin for their birds on # 9 & # 2.

B Flight- Jim Reich shot a 84 gross winning first place gross and his bird on # 7 gave him a $50 net skin.   Ray Coats continues to be the 2nd hottest player on away courses shooting a net 67 giving him first place net $.  Grant Clarke seems to be back in the groove grabbing 2nd place gross with his 85 today.  Gary “don’t call me sandman” Mullican gets a 10 on a hole, after playing in the sand for 10 minutes, but still manages to shoot a 1 under net to take 2nd place net money.  Brad Webster gets booted out of his original group by the “Starter from hell” but keeps his composure to shoot an 87 gross to win 3rd place.  Brad also got a closest to the pin win on # 12.  Dan Williams wins 3rd net (73) on a tie breaker over Jim Emmerling, who got a 10 on the # 1 handicap hole, its ok Jim bounced back to win Senior long drive on # 14 and a closest to the pin on # 16.   Jason Bouzos from the B flight won long drive for the “young guns”.

C flight – Roger “the Dodger” Serigstad shot the low net of the day (60) -12 net and was the only player for the C flight to shoot under par net today but it was his gross 94 that won him first place gross in his flight… Nice shooting tex.   Murray Oxman will gladly take that first-place net money as he was the only player today to shoot right on his index a net even par 72.   Jim Boswell takes a month off from golf but still breaks “Vegas odds” and shoots under a 100 today, his 98 was good for 2nd place gross money.  Jeff “welcome back” Trontz wins the tie breaker, with his par on the # 1 handicap. So, his net 73 wins him 2nd place net in the C flight.   That means Rodger “don’t call me Garry” Campuzano, must settle for 3rd place gross with a smooth 100 today taking the tie Breaker from Patrick Can-u-jet-ski.   Bob Lopez, despite his 11 on # 4, wins 3rd place net with his 76 today.   That eleven was not the high score on a hole today that honor was bestowed by Paul Hailey for his 12 on the # 1 handicap.  But the most popular high score today was a 10, both the Hardin Bros had a 10 along with Lockhart, Ken Medina, Kanczuzewski (spelled correctly) and already mentions Mullican and Emmerling.   Finally, JP “today’s host” David who never gets in gross, decided WTH & thru in $5 which paid off as his bird on # 4 held up for a gross and net skin totaling $75 bones!

Birch Hills Cup Points-  Well you know the last tournament of the month is always birch hills cup points.   Mike Santuci thought he had the low net wrapped up shooting -8 today, not so fast, said Roger Serigstad as he sat quickly listening to everyone congratulating Mike but as Mansfield read the results… Hold on low net of the day was Roger Serigstad who shot -12 (60 net) giving him 15 points today.   That means Ray Coats still has the lead with Santuci 7 points behind.   The next Cup points will be worth double as our first major of the year “The President Cup” is on May 7th .

SCGA away rankings-  Mike Santuci, pretty much wrapped up the first-place position and the # 1 pick today, with only 1 more away tournament left before we pick teams for the final four playoffs, The only players that can catch him are Jim Reich and Fermin Andres who both must shoot a -9 in Arizona at the end of May to have a chance to take over first place position.   Players that still need to get 1 more away tournament in to qualify to get picked on a team are:  Jim Reich, Conrad Caprez, Don Dobashi, Clinton Cox and Keith Medina…. Ok boys make sure your get those Arizona rooms booked.

April Stats-  Stat leaders for the first 4 months.  

Closest to the pin- Bouzos, Clarke & Webster with 3 each.

Long Putt-  Chavez, Lindner & Coats with 2 each but Chavez with the longest putt on the year 30’.

Long Drive- Regular flight- Mansfield with 4 , Seniors- Lindner with 3, Lockhart with the Bomb 297.

Low Putts- Chavez with the most- 3 first place finishes… Caprez with the lowest 23 putts.

Gross Skins- Mike Santuci with 7

Net Skins- Duke Forbes with 5

Birdies- Mansfield with 30, Andres with 20

Eagles- Forbes, Sollom, O’Brien & Keith Medina – 1 each.

Hole in One- No one yet… 4 months at birch and none? … I think we have 3-4 on Saturday skins days.

Money List- Still to come, Dan La Rue should have it done and posted on the web site in the next couple of days

For all the results go to our web site

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